Taking a screenshot on your Samsung device can be a great way to capture important moments and share them with friends or family. Here we’ll explain the different methods for taking a screenshot on a Samsung device, as well as how to use different voice assistant features to capture screenshots automatically. Having a screenshot handy is always a good idea – so learn how to take one on your Samsung device in the easiest and simplest way possible!

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Device

Taking a screenshot on Samsung devices can be a pain, but not if you know the right tricks. To take a screenshot, first go to the home screen and swipe left from there. Once you’re on the screenshot screen, select what you want to capture and hit “Done.” If you want to crop the screenshot, select “Clip” and crop it the way you want. Lastly, select “Screenshot” to save it. Hope this guide was helpful!

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot

If you’re a Samsung device user, you know the importance of taking screenshots. But if you’re not sure how to take one, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. First, if your device has an S-Pen, you can use it to take handwritten screenshots by drawing over the image you want to capture. Next, to take a scrolling screenshot on Samsung devices, first open the app you want to screenshot and hold down the home button and power button at the same time. Once the screen is locked, release both buttons and choose ‘screenshot.’ Keep in mind that the higher the resolution of the screenshot, the more space it will take up on your device. So make sure the image you’re capturing is of good quality!

How to Use Smart Select

Taking a screenshot on Samsung device is easy – just follow these simple steps: 1. In capture mode, select Photo. 2. To capture a screenshot of a whole window, drag the screenshot area to where you want it to save. Alternatively, you can copy the entire window into your clipboard (Ctrl+C). 3. Press Home Button again to exit capture mode and save your screenshot! And that’s it!

How to Screenshot Using Voice Assistant

Taking a screenshot on your Samsung device couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is open the camera app and select ‘Screenshot’. After that, use your voice assistant of choice to say ‘take a screenshot’ – the phone will do the rest! This is a great option if you don’t have time to access the camera app or you want to automate the process. Some voice assistants, like Siri, are more powerful and may be better suited for specific tasks. So, if you’re not sure which voice assistant to use, try them all out and see which one works best for you.


Taking a screenshot on your Samsung device can be a handy way to capture important moments or documents. Follow the steps below to learn how to take a screenshot on your Samsung device.

By Quinn