For First Timers

This yoga is designed for you–whether you are a beginner or experienced yogi, whether you wish to reduce symptoms of chronic illnesses or wish to do yoga as preventative medicine. Not only does the body improve, but you can begin to focus more, breathe more deeply, and ultimately learn how to find calm in not-so-calm situations!

For your first experience of Bikram Yoga Harlem, there is no need to book ahead. All of our classes run for 90 minutes, follow the same sequence of 26 postures, and are beginner-friendly. All you need to do is to look at the class times and select any of the 37 classes on our schedule for your first class.

As a new student we ask that you arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. This will ensure you leave plenty of time to find the studio, to fill in the registration form and become familiar with the studio.

On your first visit you may purchase our New Student Introductory Week. This pass costs $20 and will allow you to practice in as many classes as you wish over a seven consecutive day period.

Some students come in 7 days in a row and some come in less. We encourage you to try as many classes as you can, since the yoga is free after the first day and it gives you more chances to discover the unique health benefits of Bikram Yoga.

There are several things you will need: a yoga mat, two large bath towels, and water to drink. One towel will be placed on your mat to catch the sweat during class. After class you may use the other towel for a shower in our changing rooms. If you need any of these items when you come in, we have yoga mats and towels for rent at the studio and cold water for sale. We sell yoga mats and yoga mat bags as well.

As a beginning student you may feel a bit overwhelmed in your first class. This is a normal reaction to your new environment, so please just sit down and wait for it to pass. Your body just needs to become accustomed to the hot environment as it begins to flush out toxins and opens areas that have been stagnant for years. This is just the yoga doing its work to heal your body.